Material editor

Rhino render

Rhino provides its own built-in render engine to produce realistic and artistic images.

    • Material editor: specifies the color, finish, transparency, texture, and bump for materials to use in the model. VisualARQ brings its own Material Editor.
    • Textures: procedural textures can be created for advanced materials. Lower-level procedural textures such as Perturbing, Noise, and Waves allow the design of complex new procedural textures. The high-level textures (Wood, Marble, etc.) are made by combining lower-level components
    • Environment: describes the space around the model. It can be defined from an image file, solid color, gradients 2 and 4 colors, transparent or using render settings. Different projection styles can be applied on background images.

mapping tools

  • Lights: different light types and lighting options are available to illuminate the scene. The Lights panel manages the properties of the lighting in the model:
    • Light types: directional, omni, point, rectangular and spotlight.
    • Skylight: provides an overall lighting effect.
    • Sun: provides a strong, directional lighting effect depending on the settings in the Sun panel. (You can determine the Sun Angle by the Sun position or by Date, Time and Earth Location).
  • Texture Mapping: manage texture map projections for any kind of geometry, including VisualARQ objects.

VisualARQ object material assignment works as in Rhino. Read this Tip to learn how to do it.

Models can be rendered when the dynamic section is on.

Render engines compatibility

Besides Rhino Render, you can use different Render engines to produce images.

  • VisualARQ material manager supports materials of all render engines that are supported by Rhino. These are some of the most used render engines:
    • Rhino render
    • V-Ray for Rhino 
    • Flamingo nXt
    • Maxwell render
    • Brazil
    • Penguin
    • Neon

Some render examples of interior architecture and sectioned models:

Ville Savoye sections
interior renders fanara