Section and Plan View tools

VisualARQ provide tools to generate 2D drawings from horizontal and vertical sections.

The 2D drawings generated represent the 3D objects projected on a plane so they have the same display and printing attributes. These drawings are linked to 3D model so they can be updated at any change.

Plan View

  • Command to create a plan view: the 2D drawings created with this operation can be used to set the different layouts.
  • In the level manager dialog box, there is an option to choose between VisualARQ top view visualization and Rhino Top viewport.
  • Option to create automatic dimensioning when creating a floor Plan view.
  • Real-time Plan Views in page Layout details.
  • Scale factor for the Plan View display.
  • Option to define the Plan View limits from a boundary curve. 

Sections (video)

Dynamic section 400

  • Command to automatically create sections and elevations of the project: the 2D drawing created with this operation shows the projection of the selected 3D objects, as well as a cutting line and a section reference text displayed in the Plan view.
  • Dynamic section: option to view the model sectioned in real time.
  • Rhino and VisualARQ objects are hatched in section drawings, according to their section attributes.
  • Sections are linked to the model: when moving the section cutting line the 2D drawing updates automatically. When editing/deleting any of the selected objects, the 2D drawing can be updated using VisualARQ update command.


Make 2D

  • The Make 2D tool projects geometry to the construction plane to make a 2-D drawing. Unlike VisualARQ Section and Plan Views, Make 2D drawings don't update after changes on the 3D model.
  • The Make 2D tool can create 2D drawings from perspective viewports.