Other Tools

Other interesting architectural tools for Rhino:


Website where you can find all kind of Rhino plug-ins, Grasshopper add-ons, materials, environments and textures.



Asuni Labs:

Experimental plugins. They have not been fully tested and are not ready for use in production. You are encouraged to download and try them, but should be aware that these products could cause instability or data corruption. Be sure to save your work frequently.

  • Bubble for Rhino: Bubble for Rhino is a free tool from Asuni CAD that displays a tooltip with information of any object in the document.
  • Dynamic Display: Dynamic Display is a real-time display tool for Rhino that allows the user analyze models in several ways: Clash detection, Sectioning, Mirroring.



For designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms, Grasshopper™ is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring.



LogoLands. smallLands Design:

Lands Design is a software for designing gardens, green spaces, and landscapes that runs in the Rhino environment. It provides tools for producing technical drawings in 2D and 3D of the green space to work with, and realistic images and virtual tours through the project to perform.

Lands Design has a database with more than 1800 species, each one with their 2D and 3D realistic representation, their technical specifications and detailed characteristics. Lands Design includes tools to arrange trees, shrubs, parterres, etc. individually, in rows, forests, etc.. and also tools for easily modeling terrains in 3D.



Paneling Tools:

PanelingTools plugin helps generate 2D and 3D cellular patterns and populate them over rectangular grids. The plug-in supports intuitive design of paneling concepts as well as rationalize complex geometry into a format that is suitable for analysis and fabrication. This is a Work In Progress (WIP)




RhinoBIM is a suite of a number of plug-ins to enhance Rhino 5.0 for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries. Developed by Virtual Build Technologies LLC. The first modules now available are called RhinoBIM Structure, for 3D structure modeling, Clash & Clear Analysis, FEM Analysis, BIM Reporter and translators.




Savanna3D contains over 1000 detailed 3-D models in 3DM format. These models (which include furniture, fixtures, handrails, office equipment and more) are ready to be inserted into Rhino and VisualARQ to give you a head start.

Watch in this video some 3DM files from the Savanna3D Library.

You can download a free demo here.

Note: The complete Savanna 3D library is included in one of the VisualARQ purchase options.




Iris is a plugin to export Rhino models to the Web.

  • A fast and easy way for Rhino users to distribute their designs with the least amount of dependencies possible.
  • Conversion of as many Rhino Object Types and Features as possible in a static scene.

More information

Renderer Engines

Render Engines:

VisualARQ is compatible with all render engines supported in Rhino. The following are some of the most used and powerful: