1. Easy modeling of free-form architecture

  • Go through any architectural project design process with an intuitive, easy and efficient workflow. Curved walls, free-form surfaces, free-form beams... any complex architecture design is possible.
  • VisualARQ is totally built in Rhino interface: Rhino-like menu, toolbars and command’s behavior.
  • It is a powerful feature-based editor to create and edit parametrical objects.

2. Get all project documentation automatically

  • Cut sections, make plans. No matter how complex your design is. Save time getting all project documentation automatically from the 3D model.
  • Floor plans, sections, elevations, surfaces, dimensions, and all object information are linked to and created from the 3D model
  • VisualARQ generates documents that combine drawing plans, the three dimensional model, and data tables
  • Displays in the Top viewport a standard 2D architectural representation of the 3D model in real time.
  • All drawings are updated automatically after any change.

3. Model with 3D smart architectural objects

  • VisualARQ has a library set of parametric architectural objects: Walls, Beams, Columns, Windows, Doors, Slabs, Stairs and Roofs. 
  • Objects are easy to create, modify and edit at anytime. Automatic recalculation adjusts them to changes.
  • Option to create custom objects, styles, and object libraries.

4. Create the 3D model from 2D drawings

  • Import your Autocad 2D files, or create them in Rhino. With VisualARQ you can convert lines in 3D walls, roofs, slabs, etc. with just a few clicks.

5. Real time project 3D sections

  • VisualARQ adds the dynamic section tool, that allows to visualize your project  sectioned in 3D in real time.
  • Work from sectioned models, create section drawings and produce render views from the current viewport.
  • The level manager allows to view horizontal sections of your project in 3D .

6. BIM software for Rhinoceros

  • VisualARQ adds BIM (Building Information Modeling) features to Rhinoceros: geometry and object data are linked, and files are exported in .IFC file format.
  • VisualARQ supports import and export from and to any file format supported by Rhino.

7. Other tools compatibility

  • VisualARQ can be combined with other Rhino plugins in order to extend the modeling, analysis and design capabilities.
  • VisualARQ supports import and export from and to any file format supported by Rhino.
  • Integration with Grasshopper. The Grasshopper Components add-on allows you to create and work with VisualARQ architectural objects directly from Grasshopper. More information here.
  • Zoo support. The VisualARQ Zoo plug-in allows you to share VisualARQ licenses (product keys) among users on the same network workgroup.
  • Compatibility with other Rhino plugins for architecture, such as Grasshopper, Dynamic Display, Paneling tools, Savanna 3D, etc. Constant development to integrate more tools: RhinoBim, Evolute Tools, etc...

8. Rendering engines.

  • VisualARQ material manager supports materials of all render engines that are supported by Rhino.
  • Create lights and assign materials to objects, to get high quality images of interior and exterior architecture.
  • VisualARQ object material assignment works as in Rhino.

9. Affordable price.

  • VisualARQ is the main architecture plug-in for Rhinoceros, and has a very competitive and affordable price considering its wide range of features and in comparison to similar software applications: Boxed option costs: €595.
  • Savanna 3D is included in the boxed option. Savanna 3D is a set of 3dm object libraries.
  • VisualARQ online purchase is available for only €495.

10. Free full Support.

  • VisualARQ provides a complete Help, including detailed specifications and commands as well as images and videos. The Help is only available after installing VisualARQ.
  • Free technical support is available to assist and solve any user request or issue.
  • Ask for a free online demo.
  • Software interface, templates and toolbars are available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Czech.