Ramp ground floor

Since VisualARQ doesn’t have any parametric objects to create ramps, you need to use the Rhino tools to create them. There are multiple ways to create a ramp and the ramp fence. We will explain one of these methods.

1. Ramp slab

  1. Draw a rectangle  for each ramp flight (turn the Ground floor bitmap layer on and use the snap points of the columns to place the rectangles in the right position). You can do the same by drawing plane surfaces instead.  (_Plane)
  2. Select the first rectangle (or surface) and turn its control points on  (_PointsOn).
  3. Select the control points of the 2 ending corners and _Move  them up 1.5 m. Press ESC to turn points off (or run _PointsOff).
  4. _Move  the second and the third rectangles (or surfaces) 1.5m up (in the Z direction).
  5. Select the third rectangle (or surface) and turn its control points on  (_PointsOn).
  6. Select the control points of the 2 ending corners up 1.5 m. Press ESC to turn the control points off or use the Points off command (_PointsOff).
  7. The rectangles of each ramp flight are now in the right position and inclination. If you have drawn rectangle curves, turn them into planar surfaces with the _PlanarSrf command .
  8. Select the 3 ramp surfaces and extrude them -0.2m with the _ExtrudeSrf command . A polysurface with the 3 ramp flights is created.


2. Ramp fence:

Let's create the fence placed in the middle of the ramp flights.

  1. Create the ramp fence contour in the Right viewport using a _Polyline . Use auxiliary lines and the osnap points to create the fence contour polyline. Make sure the “Project” osnap point is on.
  2. In the Perspective viewport, extrude the contour polyline 0.2m with the _ExtrudeCrv command . Make sure the “Solid” option from the command line is on.
  3. Place the resulting polysurface into the middle of the two ramp flights.
  4. You can add more detail to the ramp fence by making their edges round. Use the _Fillet command  (a fillet radius of 2mm is fine).

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