First floor

The second part of the tutorial describes how to model the first floor of the Ville Savoye. Since it repeats many of the commands explained in the process of the ground floor, it will ignore the repeated commands and go in detail with the new ones.

First of alll, set the first floor in the Level Manager dialog as the current level on which you are going to work from now on. Also switch off the P.F.0 layer and switch on the P.F.1 layer.


Create the slab:

  1. Create the curve to define the slab boundary. Remember that this curve must be flat and closed. Make sure the “Project” snap point is on to avoid creating the curve in a different CPlane than the First floor.
  2. Run the _vaSlab command  to insert the slab and select the curve.
  3. Change the thickness of the slab to 0.2m from the Properties Panel.

Slab: Subtract contour

  1. Draw two closed polycurves (from the Top viewport) that will be used to subtract from the slab: one for the stair opening and another for the ramp opening. Use the _CloseCrv command to make sure the curve is closed.
  2. Run the _vaSlabSubtract command  from the Slab toolbar. (Press and hold the slab icon to open the Slab toolbar)
    1. Select the slab you wish to subtract the boundary from.
    2. Select the boundary you wish to subtract
    3. Repeat these steps for the other slab opening.

Slab control points

A slab has as many control points as the original curve it was created from and the curves used for creating subtractions and additions to its boundary.

  1. Turn the slab points on  and move them to adjust the subtraction contour created in the right place.
  2. Press ESC or right click on the Control Points icon to turn them off.

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