Dynamic section

The VisualARQ’s Dynamic Section displays the 3D model vertically sectioned in real time according to a specific section mark position. You can also get render views from a model by enabling the Dynamic Section option.

Create a Section mark

  1. Run the _vaSection command to insert a new section mark in the model.
  2. Specify a section mark style from the insert dialog box.
  3. Specify the first point for the section mark (or Section cutting line).
  4. Specify the next points of the section mark by selecting the desired points on the screen with a left-click. Right click to end the step.
  5. Specify the viewer position and the section length by placing the cursor on the side of the line that is opposite to the target and press the left mouse button. The section length will determine the objects that will be included in the section drawing and dynamic section.
  6. Enter the section Reference text by typing it on the command line.

Enable the dynamic section

  1. Run the _vaDynamicSection  or click on the Dynamic Section icon, in the documentation toolbar.
  2. Select a Section mark.
The whole model (except the 2d curves) will appear sectioned according to the section mark area.

Disable the dynamic section

To disable the dynamic section, run the _vaDynamicSection again and select the same section mark.

Section mark control points

The Section cutting line has five control points:
  • Edge control points. Start and end insertion point.
  • Section lenght control points.
  • Section Jog points. You can add or remove section Jog points with the _vaSectionAddJog and the _vaSectionRemoveJog commands.
  • Viewer position control points.
  • Section Text reference control points.
(Note: Blocks are not supported by the Dynamic Section command. However, this limitation will be fixed in future versions of VisualARQ).
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