Opening elevations

The _vaOpeningElevation command  generates 2D representations of the elevations with dimensions for the different model openings (doors and windows). The opening elevations are created in the Documentation layer by default, but this can be changed:
  1. Create a new layer where to place the opening elevations in the Layers  dialog box.
  2. Click on Rhino options  > VisualARQ > Layers and change the layer where the opening elevations will be placed when you create them.

Create the opening elevations

  1. Run the _vaOpeningElevation command   or click on the opening elevation View icon in the Documentation toolbar to create the 2D drawings for the opening elevations.
  2. Select the doors and windows you wish to obtain an elevation from. The command automatically filters the selection and only the opening objects are displayed.
  3. pecify the start and end point for the insertion.
The opening elevations are automatically created with dimensions. These dimensions  take the current Rhino dimension style from the document. A reference mark is also created in front of the opening in the 3D model. This mark is created in the Documentation layer. You can delete or edit these reference marks from the “Tag” field, in the properties dialog (in Rhino Properties dialog box) after selecting the openings. These opening elevations are 2D blocks attached to the 3D doors and windows they represent. If you explode them, the association is lost. (Note: For openings (doors or windows) that have the same features – sizes, elevation and opening side – a single drawing will be created with a single reference.)
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