October 2016

“VisualARQ 2.0 Flexible BIM for Rhino” webinar recorded!

VisualARQ 2.0 Webinar recorded VisualARQ 2.0 release is coming soon. In this webinar from 5th October you can see an overview of VisualARQ including most of the new features.

Watch the webinar

VisualARQ 2.0 sneak preview video!

Furniture object Discover a new feature of VisualARQ 2.0 version: the Furniture object. This new element can be created from blocks or from Grasshopper definitions.

Watch it in this post.

VisualARQ projects

Wing of Mali museum New wing of the Mali museum in Lima
Take a look at this project devised by Brasilian architects with VisualARQ and Grasshopper for the design contest of the new wing of the Mali Museum in Lima, Peru.

Tips & Tricks

Mult. Levels GH Learn some of the VisualARQ features through the following Tips & Tricks: