VisualARQ 2.4 available

VisualARQ 2.4 available

VisualARQ 2.4 available

This free new service release includes some new features and fixes most of the issues reported by users:
  • New components in Grasshopper to create 2D Section views (video).
  • VisualARQ Script API: RhinoCommon compatible SDK to create, query and edit VisualARQ objects in the document.
  • Added Parameter Grasshopper Component to select document parameters.
See the complete list in What’s new.

Download it!

  1. If you are a VisualARQ user, download VisualARQ 2.4
  2. If you are an Evaluation user, download the new Evaluation version to test the new features.

Upcoming events

Come to meet us in the following events, where VisualARQ presentations and workshop will take place.

BIM World Paris

Paris. April 2-3

BIM Software Contest

Rome. April 4

SDMA 2019

Dusseldorf. April 5-6

VisualARQ Workshop

London. May 8

New object styles in food4Rhino

Discover some of the new parametric object styles available in food4Rhino: