VisualARQ for other sectors

Even though VisualARQ adds BIM features to Rhino aimed at architectural projects, some of its main features can be useful in other sectors. We can see some examples of it.

Marine design

Freeform beams, railings, walls… Section drawing tools…, Custom dynamic objects… The Marine design industry is quite close to architecture, and VisualARQ features can be useful for designing ships and yachts.

Read in this post some of the most relevant VisualARQ features for Marine Design.

A boat 3D model with structure created with VisualARQ.

Scan to BIM

Rhino is widely used to bring point clouds of scanned objects into digital models. VisualARQ is also used in this field to recreate the existing building with architectural objects and deliver BIM model at the end of the day.

3D scanner and BIM model of the faro of Bibione with VisualARQ by Andrea Gavagnin
Faro di Bibione by Andrea Gavagnin

Product design

Whenever it comes to produce 2D drawings of your project, such as plan view, section views or elevation, no matter what kind of design or size of it, VisualARQ 2D tools help you in this task.

Stainless steel mailbox modeled and documented with VisualARQ by Alan Gomez
Mailbox design by Alan Gomez


VisualARQ is used to open an IFC file, add data on it in Rhino, edit and model some stuff and export it back to IFC. In addition, all data stored in the geometry can be managed and reported with the custom parameters and quantity take-offs tools.

MediaTIC by Enric Ruiz-Geli (Cloud 9) model created with VisualARQ to demonstrate its structural BIM capabilities.
MediaTIC by Enric Ruiz-Geli, Cloud 9

Interior design

VisualARQ helps to prepare the architectural environment to work on interior design, and produce the documentation of it.

View of the living room and kitchen of the Habitarte project by Carolina Castilho created with VisualARQ
Habitarte project by Carolina Castilho