VisualARQ is available for Rhino 7

Rhino 7 logo on the left plus the VisualARQ logo on the right

Rhino 7 has been just announced!

VisualARQ users can work on Rhino 7 and take advantage of its main new features: run VisualARQ inside Revit, the Page layout manager, SubD modeling and many more…

VisualARQ 2.9 update is free for existing users, and new users can try it for 90 days.

VisualARQ webinar on January-13th

Learn the great advantages of using VisualARQ and its connection with Grasshopper to work with architectural projects in Rhino.

BIM Design Student Contest

Are you a student and want to win a VisualARQ license? Register to the VisualARQ BIM Design student Contest 2020-2021, and submit your project before February-15 2021.

BIM Design Student Contest VisualARQ Blog

VisualARQ + Lands Design bundle

If you are interested in acquiring VisualARQ and Lands Design, both products are available for a special price either for commercial or educational versions.

VisualARQ pricing list

Conceptual image with the Lands Design and VisualARQ logo representing the new bundle.

Design to construction and maintenance workflow with VisualARQ and Geometrid

This article shares a case study of the interoperability between VisualARQ and Geometrid with Jewel at Changi Airport in Singapore. The BIM model of the airport facade has been transferred from VisualARQ to Geometrid software for data management in the construction process.

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VisualARQ and Geometrid logos over a picture of the Changi Airport in Singapore