New Reseller

To become a VisualARQ reseller, simply:

  1. Read the reseller requirements and update your website with information about VisualARQ.
  2. Fill out the reseller application.
  3. Order a VisualARQ Reseller Starter Kit. (After receiving an e-mail with the login details for the Asuni Store. Send an e-mail to if you haven’t received the e-mail within 48 hours after have filled the reseller application).

There are two types of Reseller Starter Kit:

  1. Download Version (795€). Includes:
    • 1 VisualARQ NFR* (Download version)
    • 2 For-resale VisualARQ (Download version)
  2. Download Version incl. Savanna 3D (880€). Includes:
    • 1 VisualARQ NFR* incl. Savanna 3D (Download version)
    • 2 For-resale VisualARQ incl. Savanna 3D (Download version)

*NFR – Not-For-Resale (reseller copy)

Reseller Discounts

Reseller discounts are based on quantity:

Commercial and educational Licenses
School Kits and Lab Licenses

Ordering and Price List

Only for resellers. VisualARQ orders are managed online through the Asuni Store for both boxed and download-only versions. The Asuni Store calculates shipping accordingly and allows payment by credit card and wire transfer. You will receive a username and a log-in password as soon as you become a VisualARQ reseller.

Find the site at Asuni Store

Find the list prices of VisualARQ here.

Shipping Policy

Shipping is not included. Prices are FCA Barcelona.


Terms are credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or wire transfer (contact us for details).


  1. Resellers must maintain up-to-date information about VisualARQ and our VisualARQ-related products on their web site.
  2. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We expect resellers to provide the same.
  3. We include unlimited technical support for both dealers and end users.
  4. Resellers may sell to end users or other resellers within their country. (To sell outside your country, contact Asuni CAD.)


If you have any questions please contact:

Francesc Salla
Asuni CAD
Roger de Flor, 32-34
08018 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: +34 93 319 6868
Fax: +34 93 319 5833