Can I extract the faces or edges of VisualARQ objects?

Since VisualARQ objects are actually blocks, you cannot apply the _DupEdge Dupedge, the _DupFaceBorder DupFaceBorder or the _ExtractSrf ExtractSrf commands directly on them, neither on Rhino blocks.

However, there is a workaround to sort this problem out.

  • 1. Make a copy “in place” of the VisualARQ object you want to extract an edge or a face from. (Run the _Copy command copy and select the “InPlace” option in the command line).
  • 2. Hide one of the two copies, or lock it.
  • 3. Explode the visible (or unlocked) object so that it becomes a regular polysurface.
  • 4. On this polysurface you can now apply the _DupEdge Dupedge, the _DupFaceBorder DupFaceBorder or the _ExtractSrf ExtractSrf commands.
  • 5. Once you have duplicated the edges, faces or face borders, delete the polysurface.
  • 6. Show (or unlock) the original object you had hidden (or locked).

ExtractSrf and DupEdge from VA objects