VisualARQ Roadmap

The VisualARQ team is currently working on the VisualARQ 3 version.
We would like to keep you posted with the news of this development and future versions of VisualARQ:


  • Link objects’ locations and height to levels. Completed
  • Create any VisualARQ object from a block Planned
  • Expanded object styles library in VisualARQ templates. In progress
  • Hatch attributes for objects in projection. Planned
  • New Ramp object. Planned
  • Stairs from curves. Planned
  • Railings linked to stairs. In study
  • Handle component for doors and windows. Completed
  • Insert windows in roofs. Completed

Level Manager

  • Building boundary with the option to hide and isolate buildings. Completed
  • Allow levels to be hidden freely. Completed
  • Sub-levels. Completed


  • Intersections between walls and slabs. Completed
  • Intersections between walls and roofs. Completed
  • Walls from surfaces. Planned
  • Slanted walls. Planned
  • Line weight attribute for multi-layer wall contours. Planned
  • Make wall layer wraps end at openings frame. Planned
  • Structural components. Planned

Curtain walls

  • Curtain walls from surfaces. Completed
  • Custom profiles for Mullion and Frame components of curtain walls. Completed
  • Adjust division count in extended curtain walls. Completed

Structural grid

  • Labeled guidelines where objects can snap to and get linked to.Completed


  • IFC 4 support. In progress
  • Link Custom parameters with IFC Properties. Planned
  • Keep IDs when importing or exporting IFC files. In study

Grasshopper styles

  • Support for walls and curtain walls. Completed
  • Input curves for slabs, and roofs. Completed
  • Input curves for stairs. Planned
  • VisualARQ objects and styles as inputs (object assemblies). Planned
  • Support non-geometry output parameters. (Read-only parameters). Completed
  • Access to the Grasshopper definition of Grasshopper styles. Planned
  • Save the configuration of values in Grasshopper styles as presets. Planned
VisualARQ Guides in version 3

Grasshopper components

  • Building Pipeline. In testing
  • Create VisualARQ objects with the Grasshopper Player. Released
  • Reference VisualARQ objects with the Grasshopper Player. Released
  • Add option to calculate the intersections among VisualARQ objects in Grasshopper. Planned
  • Export to IFC from Grasshopper. Planned
  • Assign and get attributes to/from objects and styles. Planned
  • Internalize VisualARQ objects and styles. Planned
  • Get texts and hatches from blocks and VisualARQ objects. Planned


  • Export layouts to dwg. In testing
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans. Completed
  • Manage tag contents by style. Completed
  • Show tags in Perspective and Elevation views. Planned
  • Section views from curves (“Unrolled Section views”). Planned
  • Calculated parameters. Planned
  • Parameters by object type. Completed
  • Generate dimensions from walls and openings automatically. Planned
  • Dimensions linked to VisualARQ objects. Planned


  • Show tables in a Rhino’s dock view’s report list. Completed
  • Identify the elements in the model by clicking them in a data table. Completed
  • Zoom in the objects selected in a table. Completed
  • Insert tables in the layout. Completed
  • Add and remove content from tables after having created them. Completed
  • Table filters. Completed
  • Add totals in tables. Completed
  • Edit objects from the table panel. Completed
  • List information of object style components. Planned
New tables in VisualARQ 3


  • Support to Worksessions. Released
  • Expand the API / SDK functions available for VisualARQ. Released In progress
  • Profile manager: rename, delete, and edit custom profiles. In testing
  • Attributes (including section attributes) by layer or by material. Planned
  • Transfer VisualRQ models to Revit with Rhino.Inside. Released
  • Manage project visibility by Phase of construction. Planned
  • Handle views in different Level of Detail. Planned
  • Match Properties for VisualARQ object properties and attributes. Planned
  • Clashes tool. Completed
  • Search&Select tool for selecting objects by their parameters. Planned
  • VisualARQ for MAC. In study

Features legend

In study A feature that can be considered for future versions of VisualARQ
Planned A feature that is planned to be developed for future VisualARQ versions, but development has not started.
In progress Feature under development right now.
In testing Feature implemented in our internal WIP version, and currently under revision.
Completed Feature implemented in our internal WIP version and working smoothly.
Released Feature available in the current public version.