Flexible BIM

VisualARQ 是 McNeel’s Rhinoceros 3D 技术支持下的一种 Flexible BIM 解决方案。 多种工具的结合使您能够利用 Rhino 的自由建模工具为任何对象建模,并将其转换成 BIM 对象。 VisualARQ 在 Rhino 中新增了有效的对象样式以及动态文件工具,以改善您工作流程体验。 此外,VisualARQ 配有适用于 Grasshopper 3D 的可视化编程构件,这将使您能够同时处理多项建模任务。 最后,您还可以通过软件内置的 IFC 输入/输出功能,同时使用 VisualARQ 和其他工具。 这些功能使您能够自定义工作流程图:Flexible BIMTM。

Why BIM?

  • IFC-Interoperability:
    VisualARQ includes a built-in IFC import and export plug-in, which makes it possible to exchange IFC 2×3 files between Rhino and other AEC software packages.
  • Smart objects:
    Work with associated and parametric objects driven by VisualARQ Styles and geometry with built-in information. Make any object a BIM object with the Custom User Element workflow.
  • Dynamic documentation:
    Generate dynamic and precise documentation always linked and available from the 3d model.
  • Team Collaboration:
    Collaborate with other users with support for External references and several file formats.

Why Flexible BIM?

  • Freeform modelling:
    Convert any freeform geometry into an informed object.
  • Grasshopper integration:
    Define your workflow with Generative Objects from the VisualARQ Grasshopper Component add-on and Generative Object Styles through Grasshopper.
  • Add custom data to geometry:
    Add information to any modelled object with the Custom User Parameter feature. This allows users to include information such as material properties, cost per unit, and other metric information directly associated with the object (and for IFC files).

BIM 实际上是什么?

在以下视频中,您可以看到 BIM 含义的清楚解释(建筑信息建模),其用途以及优点: