This page is aimed at providing additional tools related to VisualARQ that may help you speed up and automate different modeling processes.

Most of these utilities are free Grasshopper definitions (available from the Food4Rhino website) that are ready to be used with the minimum Grasshopper knowledge required.

Multiple Levels creation

Create multiple levels

Generate a building and multiple levels at once by indicating their names, height, and the total number of levels.

Beam Split

Split a beam into multiple beams

Select a beam, and break it down into a defined number of beams.

Stair Flip

Stair flip

Generates a new stair based on an existing one where the end part of the original stair becomes the start of the new one.

Update Property Name

Automatic naming

Name multiple referenced objects based on an automatic list of names.

Elevations from space

2D Elevations from a space

Insert a Space object, reference it in Grasshopper, define the insert point, and generate automatically the 4 elevations of the space.

4 Elevation and 2 Section Views

2D Elevations and Cross Sections from a 3D model

Produce 4 2D Elevation views and 2 Cross-section views of any 3D model.

Space dimensions

Space dimensions

Generate the interior dimensions of a referenced space.

Opening Selector

Select all doors and windows with the same style and/or profile dimensions as a referenced one.

List wall and slab layers information

Wall and Slab layers list

Generate a txt file with the information on the slab and wall layers existing in a model.

Wall hatches in projection

Wall hatches in projection

Generate hatches on the interior and exterior faces of VisualARQ walls.

Slab hatches in projection

Wall and Slab layers list

Generate hatches on the top surfaces of VisualARQ slabs.