Drifting Sail

This is the final design project for the undergraduate studies of Zhen Zixu, from the Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, modeled with Rhino and VisualARQ. The renders and animations have been done with Lumion.

Zhen Zixu also shared the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum” project, which was awarded the 1st prize in the VisualARQ BIM Student Contest 2022.

Project description

The drifting sail project design centres on the integration and embracement of the unique Danjia culture.

Even though it was once an important part of maritime culture, it has now been eliminated under the tide of history. Therefore, how to maintain the uniqueness of the Dan family culture has become the entry point of this plan.

The drifting sail will eventually return to the shore, and the homeless Dans will embrace the land. Therefore, the sailboats representing the lives of fishermen and the curves representing marine culture constitute the basic concept of this plan.

When designing the form, in order to emphasize the combination of Danjia culture and land culture, I fully utilized the sea space, making the dining and accommodation hotel space closely in contact with the ocean, while also being able to combine with the ground outside the street. Out of respect for the functions of Binhai Avenue itself and in response to the climate of Linshui, in addition to formal integration, a corridor has also been incorporated between the two large-scale areas to distinguish flow lines and achieve traffic functions.

How has VisualARQ contributed to the project development?

From the bottom of my heart, the significance of VisualARQ to me is not only for BIM modeling, but also for the consideration of construction and materials, as well as the adjustment of the solution itself.

Even though multiple BIM tools have already shared a certain share in the market, in fact, VisualARQ still has its unique features. It is easy to use, lightweight, flexible to model, and built-in to Rhino itself, making it irreplaceable. As my understanding of architecture deepens, I have found that different BIM tools play different roles, and not all BIM tools are suitable for the level of architectural design.

For this graduation project, I acknowledge that VisualARQ has reduced my modeling time by about half with its high efficiency, so I have relatively sufficient time to express and modify my plan.

Needless to say, VisualARQ is one of the best BIM tools I have ever used.”

Zhen Zixu