3.5 First floor doors

The process to insert new doors in the model is the same as the one explained for the ground floor doors.

Insert the doors

Run the _vaDoor command  to insert new doors in the model.
  1. Specify the door insert parameters from the insert dialog and the insertion point in the wall.
  2. Specify the door opening side by left-clicking on the desired side of the wall.
  3. You can create the rest of the doors with the same process or by copying them from one wall to another.

Change door parameters

The parameters of the Door object can be edited from two different ways:
  1.  VisualARQ properties in Rhino properties dialog box.
  2.  VisualARQ Object properties dialog box.
All changes will apply on all doors selected.

Door control points

You can change the door opening side and position using its control points (select the door and run the _PointsOn command .

Edit a door style

Let’s edit the Sliding Simple door style:
  1. Open the door styles dialog: _vaDoorStyles.
  2. Expand the Sliding Simple door style to display its components, from the little arrow besides the door style name.
  3. Select the Frame component and delete it.
  4. Hit Ok to accept changes and exit the door styles dialog.
The VisualARQ 2 door styles dialog with a sliding door style selected.
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