VisualARQ 2: Flexible BIM

VisualARQ adds architectural features and parametric architectural objects that are suitable for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation
Main features

Freeform modeling

Freeform modelling Powered by Rhino – Convert any freeform geometry into an informed object with VisualARQ.

Flexible BIM features

Add BIM to Rhino.  Object styles to control information and parameters, IFC for interoperability between teams and applications.

Grasshopper integration

Define your workflow with the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components.  Automate object and object style creation through visual programming.

Parametric architectural objects

Parametric architectural objects

Work with BIM objects such as walls, curtain walls, beams, columns, openings, stairs and other custom objects driven by parametric properties and styles.
Documentation VisualARQ

Dynamic documentation

Annotations, spaces, tags, quantity take-offs, 2D drawings, and many more. Automatic and precise documentation always available from the VisualARQ 3d model

Easy management and user interface

Organize your project by levels, sections, layers, sheets, templates, and more through user friendly dialogs.

Architectural Visualization

Assign materials, activate sections and generate great architectural views of your project.

Team Collaboration

File format’s support, floating network licenses, external references and more….

API SDK available

VisualARQ provides an API accessible from RhinoCommon (C#, VB.NET, Python).


Gallery of projects

User projects and screenshots.

Free support

To assist and solve any user request or issue.

Online demo

Ask for a free online demo.

License modes

Different ways to run VisualARQ


Software interface available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Korean and Japanese.

Great value for the money

Competitive and affordable price. Online purchase for only €795. Educational licenses at €95.

Sold Worldwide

Wide resellers network available.

What is Rhino?

If you don’t know Rhino, press here.

Interoperability with other tools


Apps for Rhino and Grasshopper. Scripts. Materials. Textures. …


Discover some examples of the interoperability between VisualARQ and Revit through Rhino.Inside technology.

Lands Design

Software to design gardens, green spaces, and landscapes.


Iris is a plugin to export Rhino models to the Web.


Savanna3D contains over 1000 detailed 3-D models in 3DM format.

More tools

Discover more architectural tools for Rhino and VisualARQ

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