VisualARQ at the Rhino UK User Meeting in London

Rhino UK User Meeting

Simply Rhino announces that the Rhino UK User Group Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday June 12th 2019.

VisualARQ (with Francesc Salla) and Lands Design (with Anna Villafañe) will be exhibitors at the event, where they will be keen to show and discuss the main capabilities of VisualARQ and Lands Design with anyone interested.

Join the wider Rhino3d community at this popular event and watch presentations from Rhino users, plus get hands-on with live software demonstrations from our exhibitors.

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Marine Design & Engineering Meeting Barcelona 2019

Marine Design & Engineering Meeting
Facultat de Nàutica Barcelona
May 8, 2019

Is VisualARQ suitable for the Marine Design? Find it out in this Marine Design & Engineering meeting in Barcelona.

As a Naval Architect, Engineer, Yacht Designer, 3D Modeler or Software Developer, this is a unique event you cannot miss. A collaboration between McNeel, Facultat de Nàutica UPC and Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Navales y Oceánicos.

In the city of Barcelona, at the historic Facultat de Nàutica, at Pla de Palau, international industry experts will present their latest projects and workflows, and their state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/CAE/VR toolsets.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Steve Baer and Scott Davidson (Robert McNeel & Associates)
  • Menno Deij – van Rijswijk (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands – MARIN)
  • Iuliu Prepelita (Seanaptic Ltd.)
  • Liam Woolley (Pivot / Goldfish)
  • Gerard Petersen (RhinoCentre NL)
  • Stéphane DARDEL (NDAR / Orca3D / ExpressMarine)
  • Matthieu Arnold (Ship-ST)
  • Ramón Cárceles (VisualARQ by Asuni)
  • Dariusz Sawicki (Prometso)
  • Javi Ferrín and Adriá Fradera (De Antonio Yachts)

Get hands-on with live software demonstrations from solution providers in Hull Design and Fairing, Parametric Engineering, CFD, Piping, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Visualization, Product Configurators, and much more.

Confirmed exhibitors are icreatia, Mindesk, NDAR, Seanaptic Ltd UK, ShapeDiver, Ship-ST, VARJO, Orca3D, ExpressMarine,, Maverick Render and VisualARQ.

Meet the McNeel staff and learn more about the new functionalities in Rhino WIP (Sub-D, Cycles, QuadMesh, Voxels) and Rhino’s royalty-free Developer Tools, Frameworks and Ecosystem (RhinoCommon, Rhino Inside, Rhino Compute, RhinoVR, YAK, Grasshopper, food4Rhino).

Check out the full agenda here.

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Webinar: Flexible BIM workflow with Rhino, VisualARQ and Grasshopper

Flexible BIM workflow with Rhino, VisualARQ and Grasshopper
Wednesday, May 15th, 11am PDT

Sign up for this free webinar organized by Novedge to get to know an overview of VisualARQ “Flexible BIM” features it adds to Rhino and Grasshopper.

You will learn:

  • How to work with smart architectural objects and create new custom parametric objects with Grasshopper.
  • How to automate design workflows using BIM elements with the VisualARQ Grasshopper components.
  • How to generate dynamic 2D drawings from a 3D model.
  • How to exchange models between Rhino and other AEC software with the IFC import and export features.
  • How to add custom data to geometry, generate BIM reports and export this data as IFC Properties.

Sign up for free here.

MIAUHAUS Workshops | Grasshopper for Architectural Projects and Project Workflows (COAM, Madrid)

Grasshopper for Architectural Projects | May 6-9, 2019

Project Workflows | June 3-4 and June 10-11, 2019

MIAUHAUS and COAM are organizing two workshops to explore different types of workflow for the research, realization, and presentation of Architectural Projects.

VisualARQ will take part of the tools used in these workshops, mostly for its capabilities to export Rhino models to Revit through IFC.

Join Sergio del Castillo Tello, architect, computational designer, MIAUHAUS member and Authorized Rhino Trainer and learn how to use Rhinoceros and Grasshopper to improve your current workflow.

Program, pricing and registration…

Free seminar of Flexible BIM and digital fabrication in Barcelona

VisualARQ, Flexible BIM and Digital fabrication

Asuni and icreatia will show the process to develop a BIM model and bring it into a 3D physical model printed with a 3D printer.

Day to day architects have a higher need to generate more complex and detailed 3D models. The traditional techniques have been always too slow and expensive.
The goal of this seminar is to show how to model a project of architecture using the “Flexible BIM” technology with Rhino, VisualARQ and Grasshopper, and bring it into a 3D physical model with the Felix Pro 3D printer.

The seminar is aimed at architects, engineers, students and professionals of construction. It will be held in two identical sessions, at 12h and 17h, of 90 minutes of duration.

These sessions will take place within the “Setmana de l’arquitectura 2019” (Architecture week 2019) event in Barcelona.
This event, organized by Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Architects’ Association (COAC) and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation with Barcelona Building Construmat and ArquinFAD, is a joint initiative that will be taking place at several venues across the city of Barcelona from 9 to 19 May 2019.

During those days, Barcelona will become the center of a wide range of activities relating to the world of architecture and the city, beyond disciplinary and territorial boundaries. On the hundred-year anniversary of the foundation of the Bauhaus school of design and architecture, this year’s edition will emphasize the legacy of a variety of early 20th-century architectural movements to stimulate reflection on the built environments of cities and their value by disseminating architectural activities, knowledge, experience and discussion.

The seminar is free but seats are limited. Please write to to book your place.

New Savanna3D R6 + Grasshopper definitions

Savanna3D R6 + Grasshopper – Promotional Video from Rhino3D.TV on Vimeo.

McNeelMiami releases a new version of Savanna3D, Savanna3D R6, that contains over 1300 detailed 3D models in 3dm format (for Rhino 6), + 12 Grasshopper definitions to create parametric models.

These models, which include furniture, fixtures, 2D-People, office equipment, TVs, and more, are ready to insert or import into Rhino 6 to give you a head start. And they have preset materials from Rhino 6. You can edit them as any other Rhino 6 object. All the materials are 100% included in Rhino 6.

VisualARQ2 bundles with Savanna have been updated with this new version.