“BIM workflow in Rhino with VisualARQ and Grasshopper” workshop in London

VisualARQ Workshop banner. BIM Workflow with Rhino, VisualARQ and Grasshopper

Workshop: BIM workflow in Rhino with VisualARQ and Grasshopper

Simply Rhino UK organizes a free of charge workshop, using Rhino for BIM Model Creation.

This 3-hour workshop will introduce you to the main tools VisualARQ adds to Rhino for developing an architectural project inside Rhino, producing the 2D documentation drawings and delivering a BIM model for other AEC applications.
Francesc Salla, VisualARQ’s product manager, will be the trainer of this workshop.

You will learn:

  • How to work with parametric architectural objects
  • The Level and Section manager that let you work and organize the model at different levels and sections
  • How to produce 2D drawings from the 3D model
  • How to generate dynamic BIM objects driven by Grasshopper (also known as “VisualARQ Grasshopper styles”) with unlimited options of design
  • How to automate many modelling tasks through the VisualARQ components built for Grasshopper 3D
  • How to add custom data to geometry and list in schedules
  • How to deliver BIM models and collaborate with other tools through the IFC import / export capabilities

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BIM Software Contest #2 in Rome

BIM Software Contest #2: Ville Savoye

Casa dell’Architettura-Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47, Roma
April 4, 2019, 2.00 pm – 7.40 pm

The Ordine Architetti P.P.C. di Roma e Provincia and the scientific coordiators, Arch. Marco Capobianchi, Arch. Marco Amadio and tutor Arch. Nives Barranca, organize the 2nd edition of the BIM Software Contest in Rome.

Giuseppe Massoni (McNeel Europe) and Ramón Cárceles (Asuni) will introduce Rhino, Grasshopper and VisualARQ at 4.20 pm session, showing their potential to develop the Ville Savoye project.

The BIM Software Contest events are born with the aim of providing architects with a clear overview of the differences and potentialities of the individual programs. The professional will thus be able to understand the philosophy of the products and choose the most suitable instrument for his work, his objectives and his budget.

Each event has an organizational structure that assigns all the software the same space and the same theme to be developed live: the Ville Savoye by Le Corbusier. In particular, from each software the following tasks will be developed:

  • Architectural and structural modeling
  • Extraction of quantities and schedules
  • Modeling verification (model check, code check)
  • Output and pagination (views, sections and rendering)

The Ville Savoye project was actually selected by Asuni as a good example to learn VisualARQ and you can find the full video tutorial here.

VisualARQ workshop at SDMA 2019, Düsseldorf

SDMA 2019
Symposium für digitale Methoden in der Architektur 2019
Hochschule Düsseldorf (Germany)
April 5-6, 2019

Come join one of the 6 workshops at the new “Symposium für digitale Methoden in der Architektur” in Düsseldorf, including Grasshopper and VisualARQ.

The VisualARQ workshop will take place on April 6th, from 10h-16.30h and it will focus on BIM workflows in Rhino and Grasshopper. See the full workshop description here.

An overview of Lands Design will be also presented during this workshop.

McNeel Europe will also show the new developments in Rhino WIP, including Sub-D, Compute and Inside.

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Parametric truss with a beam Grasshopper style

The following video shows how to create a parametric truss with the beam object in VisualARQ. This beam object uses a style generated from a Grasshopper definition (also called a “Grasshopper style”).

Once the new beam style is created, it can also be referenced inside Grasshopper using the VisualARQ Grasshopper components, so it can be integrated into a new definition that generates a parametric design (the video shows as example an array of trusses, aimed at covering a roof for an industrial plant or a pavilion.) The values of that referenced beam style (the truss) can be also modified inside Grasshopper, as shown in the video.

This is an example of the power to combine Grasshopper definitions with VisualARQ objects back and forth. In the Grasshopper file, you define which parameters you wish to edit and how many details you want to put in the object. Once the VisualARQ style is created from that definition, it is just another parametric VisualARQ object in the list, and from that point no Grasshopper knowledge is required.

You can see other examples of VisualARQ objects created as Grasshopper styles here.

VisualARQ at the BIM World Paris 2019

BIM World Paris 2019
Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles
2 & 3 April 2019

Rhinoforyou will attend the BIM WORLD 2019 PARIS to present the product Rhinoceros, as well as the BIM solution RhinoArchitecture (Rhinoceros , Grasshopper, VisualARQ). The Rhinoforyou experts, in collaboration with Francesc Salla, VisualARQ’s product manager, will be available for live demonstrations of Rhino, Grasshopper and VisualARQ.

Come to meet the Rhinoforyou team at the Mediaconstruct section.

For the people who wants a free pass, they can ask it at l.hababou@rhinoforyou.com

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VisualARQ 2.4 available

VisualARQ 2.4 is now available for download.

This new service release includes some new features and fixes most of the issues reported by users:

  • New components in Grasshopper to create 2D Section views (video).
  • VisualARQ Script API: RhinoCommon compatible SDK to create, query and edit VisualARQ objects in the document.
  • Added Parameter Grasshopper Component to select document parameters.
  • TAB key works with VisualARQ control points to lock direction.

See the complete list in What’s new.

Download it!

This is a free service release for all VisualARQ users and works on Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.

  1. If you are a VisualARQ user, download VisualARQ 2.4
  2. If you are an Evaluation user, download the new Evaluation version to test the new features.