VisualARQ 3 Beta released!

VisualARQ 3 Beta is now available for download!

This first Beta version works on Rhino 8, and it is only available for users with a VisualARQ license. While in Beta, only the Rhino 8 installer will be published. The final release will be available for both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 (for Windows).

If you have a VisualARQ license, try VisualARQ 3 Beta here.

If you don’t have a license, we offer a free upgrade to VisualARQ 3 if you buy VisualARQ 2 from January 2024 until VisualARQ 3 ships.

VisualARQ 3 Beta brings most of the new features expected in the final release:

  • Objects linked to levels
  • Buildings with boundary
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Guides
  • Quantity take-offs in a dynamic table panel
  • Clashes report panel
  • Intersection lines removal between walls, slabs, roofs, and stairs.
  • Grasshopper styles for walls and curtain walls
  • Read-only output parameters for Grasshopper styles
  • Insert openings in roofs and slabs.
  • Curtain walls from surfaces
  • Profiles Manager
  • Export layouts to DWG
  • ….and many more!

Some features are not yet available, but they will be as we get close to the final release. 

Check what’s new in VisualARQ 3.

Please, report all bugs, issues, or suggestions to us, using Rhinoceros Forums, or sending an email to