Terrace floor walls

Walls from curves:

The easiest way to create the terrace floor walls is with the _vaWallFromCurves  command. You will need first to create the curves of the walls path.
  1. Look for the curve used to subtract the boundary from the terrace slab, where the stair opening is. _Explode  it, _Delete some segments and stretch others through their control points ,
  2. Run the _Polyline  and _Curve  command to create the path of the remaining walls. Run the _SetPt  command to flatten these curves and have them in the same elevation. Adjust the curves to the Terrace floor bitmap through their control points  and finally  run the _Join  command to join the curves in two groups of polycurves.
  3. Run the _vaWallFromCurves  command to convert all these curves into walls.

Wall joints: 

After changing the style of the wall that contains the door, you may realize that the intersection with the other walls is not like you’d expect. The wall joint resolution depends on the order the walls have been added at the intersection point. You can edit the 2D representation of these walls intersections by selecting the two implied walls, select the Wall joint  in Rhino properties dialog and choose on of the Sort order option, in the Geometry section.

Wall: add solids:

In order to add solids to a wall you need to create first the solid:
  1. Create a closed curve that will be used to generate the solid.
    • 1. _Offset  the curve used to generate the walls 0.3m.
    • 2. Add lines  to the two curves, _Trim , _Split  and stretch them until you get a closed curve. _Join  all segments to have one single polyline.
  2. _Extrude  the closed curve 0.15m to generate the solid.
  3.  _Copy  the extrusion from the bottom to the top of the wall elevation.
  4. Run the _vaWallFromSolids  command to add the two solids to the walls. You can select any of the walls that are intersecting with the solids.

Remaining walls:

To create the smokestack and plantpot walls of the terrace floor, in addition to the skylight small border walls in the terrace slab, you can proceed with the same steps as explained before:
  1. Create the curves of the wall paths with the _Rectangle  and the _Polyline  commands, according to the Terrace Floor bitmap.
  2. Run the Wall: from curves command  to convert these curves into walls.
  3. Change the walls properties , if needed, to assign to each wall the proper height, style or alignment value.

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