Hope Center

The project is defined by the idea of sustainability, combining architectural resources with the implementation of low-cost technologies. The project is based on three aspects involved in the concept of sustainability: Economic, Environmental and Social. And it is through them that the project sought to create an identity for the space based on the materials found in the region, aiming to hire local labor. It also brings a new proposal for the existing ways of maintaining the access of the population in the place, making all spaces available, in addition to the implementation of technologies that allow the generation of energy, the reuse of rainwater and the treatment of organic waste.

Regarding the use of VisualARQ, it participated in almost every step of the design process. After the development of the initial volumetric and schematic studies (manual steps), the use of the program started. The terrain and volumetry were modeled. Then the technical drawings, visual schemes, and lighting simulations (using the DIVA for Rhino plug-in through Grasshopper). There was also a migration to another program in the modeling and humanization stage.

Project developed by Pedro Oscar Pizzetti Mariano and Gabriela Pinho Mallmann from StudioSet www.studiosetarchi.com.br.