How can I reference external files?

Rhino allows referencing external files with the Insert command with the as “block instance” option and the “embedded and linked” and “linked” block definition type options. The inserted files can be other Rhino files as well as any other file format supported by Rhino, such as dwg. Once inserted they will be managed from the Block Manager.

VisualARQ with external referenced files

VisualARQ supports referencing other Rhino files as long as you insert them as “embedded and linked”. If you don’t do so and you chose the “linked” option, the section attributes and custom plan representations among other things will not work.

The Rhino 6 insert tool dialogs, on the left the Insert File Options dialog with the embedded and linked option selected and on the right the insert dialog with the as block instance option selected.


VisualARQ doesn’t handle well Rhino worksessions yet. If you are looking for a way to collaborate one possible workflow would be having a master model where you can insert parts of a project developed by different people in different files.

These files should be inserted in the master model as block instances with the “embedded and linked” option. Then when someone changes their file and saves it, you just need to go to the Block Manager in the master model, and update it to see the changes applied.

If there are block definitions with the same name in both files it will ask which ones do you want to keep. If there are VisualARQ object styles with the same name in both files the style properties that stay will be the ones in the master model.