This project features the work of Kuang He, a student of Nanjing University who has been awarded with the first prize of the VisualARQ BIM Design Student contest 2021.

Project description

“Located in a village in Nanjing, China, the project meets the requirements of three generations of 7 people. Grandparents need to cook with a traditional Chinese stove. The project began to create a living line from the courtyard, the first floor opened a secondary entrance channel, while the father and son play chess daily. The north side of the stairs provides storage space for the farm tools, and to the stove separate sanitary flow. The second floor uses the elements of the outdoor balcony, the north staircase connects the viewing platform on the second floor, while the south side corresponds to a sunbathing balcony, and serves as the viewing platform of the south courtyard. A small balcony hangs on the east side of the main bedroom where parents can watch their children go home. The roof uses the traditional Chinese architectural language of the sloped roof, which is used to create a partial three-story bedroom and leisure space, to host the desired number of bedrooms and daily indoor leisure activities.”

How has VisualARQ contributed to this project?

“VisualARQ has helped a lot in the development of this project, especially co-working with Twinmotion. Learning VisualARQ has not been a tough process for me. I could quickly grasp the main point.

So I could use VisualARQ to focus on the progress of designing. At first, draw the plan. Then adjust the wall and the opening, the type, the material, the size… This way, I could get a model very quickly. And I could get the site drawing and the section drawing to check if there were some errors. Every time I did a change, I could sync the tech drawing in a quick way. And the step that took more time was to adjust the properties of the objects. Finally, I could import the finished model into the Twinmotion to do some rendering.”

Author: Kuang He – student at Nanjing University (contact)