3-D Printing for Architecture with Rhino/VisualARQ and HP Designjet 3D

This free seminar will show advanced modeling techniques for surfaces, solids and architectural elements with Rhinoceros and VisualARQ, and how to print a 3-D model with HP Designjet 3D. Program:
  • Introduction to Architecture 3-D Design with Rhinoceros and VisualARQ
  • Advanced techniques to create, edit and transform surfaces and solids
  • Complex geometry analysis
  • Preparation of the 3-D model for 3-D printing (generating a closed and watertight STL file, checking potential errors, and fixing corrupt geometry if applicable)
  • Mockup scaling and creation of parts to assemble in order to print larger models
  • 3-D printing with HP Designjet 3D
  • HP cocktail
Location, date and time:
  • 13th December 2011, 6-8 pm – Barcelona IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture in Catalonia) Pujades 102, 08005 Barcelona
  • 14th December 2011, 6-8 pm – Madrid Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid C/ Piamonte, nº 23, 28004 Madrid
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  • Rhinoceros is a 3-D modeling software application featuring a major growth and acceptance in the design, architecture and engineering world in recent years. Architecture studios like Zaha Hadid, coop himmelblau, UN Studio, La Sagrada Familia, SOM, HOK, Gehry, etc. use Rhino to design complex forms both in the concept stage and in the construction stage. Rhino is known for its power and flexibility, as well as its accuracy and reliability of the data it generates. Any object modeled in Rhino can be later used in a prototyping process, generating reliable STL files in the desired resolution from solids. There are also specific tools to repair imported STL files from other applications.
  • VisualARQ is a fully-integrated plugin that adds architectural tools to Rhino. VisualARQ provides tools for architects, planners, and interior designers that facilitate the architectural design process and its documentation, and the connection with other architecture software. VisualARQ adds parametric 3-D architectural objects like walls, columns, doors, windows, and stairs that are suitable for 3-D modeling and provides advanced features for 2-D documentation, area calculation, sections, etc.
  • HP Designjet 3D is the 3-D printer offering the best combination of price, quality, convenience, and ease of use (possibility to work in the office). HP Designjet 3D printers are easily accessible, can be installed in any office, and the printing process is automatic, clean and environmentally friendly.