Introduction to Layouts in Rhino 5

anno_layout_tutorial 350Page Layouts are fundamental in Rhino to arrange the architectural drawings generated by VisualARQ and Rhino, and to prepare the sheets in order to deliver the project documentation. In these video series, created by Mary Fugier (McNeel) from the Rhino Tutorials, you can learn the basics of working with page layouts: how to arrange views of both 2-D and 3-D models on the title block at different scales, how to prepare the layout for printing, and how to add annotations to the layout, like text, dimensions and plot to a PDF. Click here to see the full content of the “Introduction to Layouts in Rhino 5“. Click here to see some of the main layout features applied to the Ville Savoye project, from the VisualARQ video tutorial. Watch the full video below, recorded in a live webinar on March 26, 2014. Introduction to Layouts (1:38 h.) from Rhino Tutorials on Vimeo.