Parametric truss with a beam Grasshopper style

The following video shows how to create a parametric truss with the beam object in VisualARQ. This beam object uses a style generated from a Grasshopper definition (also called a “Grasshopper style”). Once the new beam style is created, it can also be referenced inside Grasshopper using the VisualARQ Grasshopper components, so it can be integrated into a new definition that generates a parametric design (the video shows as example an array of trusses, aimed at covering a roof for an industrial plant or a pavilion.) The values of that referenced beam style (the truss) can be also modified inside Grasshopper, as shown in the video. This is an example of the power to combine Grasshopper definitions with VisualARQ objects back and forth. In the Grasshopper file, you define which parameters you wish to edit and how many details you want to put in the object. Once the VisualARQ style is created from that definition, it is just another parametric VisualARQ object in the list, and from that point no Grasshopper knowledge is required. You can see other examples of VisualARQ objects created as Grasshopper styles here.