Rhino training courses, fall 2012 at latiendadelcad

latiendadelcad is offering different Rhino training courses during fall 2012 in its Barcelona office. You can see the different Rhino courses at the following link: https://cursosrhino.com/ Check out the calendar to see the schedule. latiendadelcad is an official provider of Rhinoceros (Rhino) and also offers specialized training. latiendadelcad is a Rhino Authorized Training Center certified by McNeel. latiendadelcad is the company with more Rhino sales and training experience in Spain. Since latiendadelcad was launched in 1998, it has trained hundreds of users in the different fields and industries where Rhino is considered a surface modeling tool solution for designers. Contact support: Phone: (+34) 902364601 E-mail: xavi@latiendadelcad.com