Savanna 3D R7 block library is here!

Savanna 3D R7 Block library

McNeel Miami has released a new version of Savanna 3D Block Library. The new Savanna 3D R7 is a collection of over 1,600 detailed 3D architectural models in the 3DM file format, plus a few SubD blocks and Grasshopper definitions to create parametric models.

These models, which include furniture, fixtures, 2D-People, office equipment, TVs, and more are ready to be inserted or imported into Rhino 7 and VisualARQ to give you a head start. They have preset materials from Rhino 7.

The Savanna 3D R7 includes many new blocks that were not existing in the former version R6, but the major difference recalls in the method to access the block library.

By purchasing Savanna3D R7, you not only can download the full content of the Savanna R7 library but also download the new content updates on the McNeel Miami platform, for one year. If you are still using Rhino 6, you can also download the Savanna R6. After this period you can keep on using the content of the downloaded library, but access to the platform will be no longer available.

The Savanna 3D R7 is included in one of the VisualARQ purchase options but it can also be purchased individually.

Watch an overview of the Savanna3D R7 content here.

Download a free demo (around 40 blocks) here.