Is it possible to display the object dimensions or other information inside tags?

Yes, it is. Tag objects can display other information about the object it refers to, besides the object tag’s name.

For example, inside a window or door tag label you can display its width and height values.

The text displayed in the tag is edited in the Format field, in the Tag properties panel.

Tag objects take by default the tag’s name of the object they refer to, and remain linked to it with the formula “%<element.tag>%“. You can add text before and/or after the tag reference text.

Example 1: for a door whose tag reference text is “D3”, you can type “Door %<element.tag>%” to display “Door D3” in the label.


If you want to modify the door Tag’s name, you have to edit it from the object properties panel, under the “Tag” field. The tag label will update automatically.

If you want to replace or add more information about the door object inside the Tag label, just add the formula “%<element.tag>%” and replace “tag” with the property to display (“width”, “height”, “elevation”, etc…).

Example 2: if you want to display the Width (1.000m) and Height (2.200m) of a door inside its Tag label, besides the Tag’s name (“P1”), you have to write the following formula in the tag’s Format field: (make sure you write everything in lowercase)
“%<element.tag>% (%<element.width>% x %<element.height>%)” . The tag will display “P1 (1.000 x 2.200)” in the label.

Door tag

Following the same criteria, these would be the formulas to display the most common object properties inside tags:

  • Height: %<element.height>%
  • Width: %<element.width>%
  • Elevation: %<element.elevation>%
  • Name: %<>%
  • Area: %<element.area>%
  • Volume: %<element.volume>%
  • Lenght: %<element.length>%
  • Style name: %<>%
  • Etc…

Is it possible to add multi-line text inside tags?

No, it isn’t. At the moment it is only possible to display the information inside the tag label in one single line. In future versions of VisualARQ, it will be possible to add multi-line text.