Tip of the week: Is it possible to create irregular walls or walls from Rhino geometry?

Yes, it is. The VisualARQ walls created in the model with the _vaWall command , or from curves VA_WallsFromCurves, are always created vertically and have a regular height and width. However, there are different ways to create walls with irregular shapes:
  1.  Wall from Solid: Option to turn Rhino polysurfaces into VisualARQ walls.
  2. va_walladdsolids va_wallsubtractsolids Wall Add and Subtract Solids: Boolean operations between Rhino Solids and VisualARQ walls. (See this Tip for more information)
  3. va_wallextendtosrf Wall Extend to Surface: Option to extend walls vertically to any kind of open surface, polysurface or VisualARQ object (slab, roof, stair, etc…)
Read more information here.