“VisualARQ 1.8: BIM and architectural tools for Rhinoceros” webinar recorded

  For those who missed the “VisualARQ 1.8: BIM and architectural tools for Rhinoceros” webinar held on October 1st 2014 (in English), and on October 16th 2014 (in Spanish), you have the opportunity to watch it here: The webinar provides an overview of VisualARQ and focuses on 1.8 new features, including:
  • How to work at different levels using the new Level manager. (Model used: the Casa das Canoas project, by Oscar Niemeyer).
  • How to quickly model a simple house using 3D parametric architectural objects, (walls, slabs, stairs, railings, doors, windows, roofs…).
  • How to convert curves into VisualARQ objects with a few clicks.
  • How to create and edit new styles of VisualARQ architectural objects.
  • How to create floor plans, section and elevation drawings from a 3D model automatically.
  • How to generate other 2D project documentation: opening elevations, objects quantity takeoffs, tags, room areas….
  • How to export the model to IFC from Rhino to Revit.
  • Overview of VisualARQ Grasshopper Components Add-on
The English version webinar was organized by Novedge, and introduced by Barbara D’Aloisio (Novedge). The Spanish version webinar was organized by McNeel and McNeel Miami, and introduced by Jackie Nasser (McNeel Miami). Both webinars were presented by Francesc Salla (Asuni CAD).