VisualARQ at the Architectonic 2019 event in Cyprus

Architectonic 2019 – Innovation for our future cities Parametricos brings together entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction to discuss future cities and how to improve efficiency and communication in the construction industry. VisualARQ will be exhibited during this event as well as other lectures and discussions that will revolve around architecture innovation, BIM (Building Information Modeling) and startups. Event participants will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other professionals in their industry through interactive networking activities. There will be a series of speakers presenting, analyzing and discussing the current morphology of our cities and how technology startups can change and reshape the construction industry. About Parametricos: Parametricos is a technologically startup company developing an online platform for architects. Their goal is to empower architects, based on location, to improve the built environment as we know it today. Their vision is to make architecture more efficient and accessible to young professionals.