VisualARQ in eCAADe Zurich 2010 and AAG Vienna 2010.

ecaade2010 AAG2010 As the new Product Manager of VisualARQ,  I attended the conferences of eCAADe 2010 Zurich and AAG (Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010) Vienna. The main goals were to get updates from research groups together with Carlos Pérez and Giulio Piacentino from McNeel Europe and to strengthen the relationships with Rhinoceros third-party plug-in developers. Presentations in eCAADe in Zürich were focused on the topic “Future cities”. New ideas, tools and methods were exposed for urban analysis, and the transformation of existing cities. Lectures in Advances in Architectural Geometry in Vienna were focused on the investigation and advances on new geometry forms, and their application on the current architectural frame. The event brought together professors, PhD students, architects, engineers, mathematicians, and shape explorers, and they exposed and discussed about the new tools and applications around geometry in modern and future architecture. I could attend the workshops “Organic Surfacing with T-Splines”, and  “Evolute Tools for Rhino”, the new plug-in about to Design panelizations of architectural freeform surfaces using subdivision modelling and optimization. This new application was officially presented at the AAG with great success, and we truly believe that in a close future Evolute Tools and VisualARQ can become big powerful combination of tools to model and document any kind of new architectural design. Rhino, Rhino Common and Grasshopper were constantly present in both eCAADe Zurich and AAG  Vienna conferences, and they were recognized as useful and pioneer tools in the research of freeform for new architectural aims. VisualARQ development team was made aware of the  advances in freeform geometry and research, and aims to cultivate and adapt all this new knowledge in order to be efficient and well-integrated within the current and future architectural discussion.   poster eCAADe in HIT buildingModel AAG ParticipantsCarlos, Giulio and Francesc Left picture, Participants in AAG, Vienna, in up-down, left-right order: -Ioanna Sim (Anamorphosis-architects), Thomas Grabner and Ursula Frick (GECO for Grasshopper), Daniel Piker (Kangaroo Physics for Grasshopper), Giulio Piacentino (McNeel Europe), Luis E. Fraguada (Live Architecture Network), Andre Chaszar (TU Delft), Carlos Pérez (McNeel Europe), Heinz Schmiedhofer ( Right picture, Carlos Pérez and Giulio Piacentino (McNeel Europe), and Francesc Salla (VisualARQ), during  eCAADe at the ETH, Zurich