VisualARQ review by Nigel Gough

Nigel Gough has published an interesting review of VisualARQ at the Australian Association of Architectural Illustrators ( and the American Society of Architectural Illustrators ( websites:
VisualARQ is a very useful plug-in tailored for architectural modelling in Rhino 4. It has a simple intuitive tool set that once you become accustomed can be rapidly incorporated into standard Rhino 4 modelling to significantly improve work flow.
AAAI_logotype[1] Nigel Gough practiced as an architect before starting his career as an architectural illustrator. He uses both traditional and digital media in his work. Nigel has taught design presentation at the Queensland University of Technology for the past 22 years, having previously graduated as valedictorian in both the architecture and industrial design degree programs, winning both the Australian Design Institute Prize and the Queensland Board of Architects Prize (a unique honour). He is currently Vice President of the Australian Association of Architectural Illustrators (AAAI) and is co-editor and contributor to the AAAI website.