VisualARQ Workshop in Tainan, Taiwan

VisualARQ Workshop in Taiwan

Surface3D, VisualARQ resellers in Taiwan, is going to hold a VisualARQ workshop next 27th and 28th November 2021.

VisualARQ Workshop in Tainan, Taiwan

Workshop’s Objective:

  • VisualARQ interface
  • Import BIM modeling into Rhino
  • Design more efficiently with VisualARQ
  • Work with parametric design tools
  • Make architectural drawings in the Rhino environment
  • Apply to curved objects

The workshop is for:

Rhino users with basic knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper parametric design concepts, suitable for architectural and interior design professionals and students.

Workshop content

  • Introduction
    • Compare the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) between 3D to 2D /2D to 3D.
    • The differences between Revit and VisualARQ.
  • Modeling
    • Basic UI description
    • VisualARQ object logic and modeling logic
    • Basic operation
    • External files(*.dwg): insert/link/import
    • Creating floors
    • Draw basic structural objects: columns, beams, slabs, walls
    • Basic component placement: doors, windows, custom components
    • Draw stairs and railings
    • Specified object type and specified material
    • VisualARQ objects update
  • Creating viewport
    • Viewport concept and layout
    • Create and draw floorplan
    • Create and draw elevation
    • Create and draw cross-section
  • Annotation
    • Create an annotation
    • Object label settings
    • Set column axis
    • Set Space Tag
    • Structural list
    • Making a Door schedule
  • File export (format exchange between software)
    • *.dwg file export
    • *.ifc file export
    • *.val style file import and export


    • 2021-National Yangming Jiaotong University Institute of Architecture Computer-Aided Architectural Design Part-time Lecturer
    • 2020-present Huang Shengji Architects Office / Director of Information Department
    • 2018-present HJ PLUS. DESIGN Partner / Designer / Software Lecturer
    • 2016-present DMO Rhino Architecture Course Lecturer
    • 2014-present Rhino+GH Training Instructor (Enterprise & Individual)

Remarks: Lunch is provided for registered students. Location and dates are subject to change. When quorum is not reached, registration will be postponed to the next session.