About the new features

The needs of users are constantly changing and evolving. Since the first version of VisualARQ launched in 2009, all the improvements that the users themselves – architects, engineers or interior designers – have asked for have been gradually incorporated. In the following post we explain what the main improvements are in the recently released 2.0 version: The most recent version of VisualARQ 2 offers improvements compiled from the experience of users since the first version was launched in 2009. For this very reason, users who hold a license of any of the versions of VisualARQ 1 can update this plugin free of charge. Below we go through the main innovations and requests that have been made:
1.- Grasshopper Styles:
One of the functions that Rhino users appreciate most is the Grasshopper plugin. With VisualARQ 2, they can now also create new object styles for beams, columns or doors, among others. In this way, Grasshopper Styles enable the creation of objects to be automated by means of a visual and simple programing.
2.- Customized parameters:
Due to this new feature you can create new parameters by document, VisualARQ object style or individual object. The customized parameters are written (numbers, texts, Booleans…) and can be shown in tags. You can read more following this link.
3.- New Element and Furniture objects:
Thanks to this new feature, the new version enables customized parametric objects to be produced with different displays in 2D and 3D.
4.- New Space features:
This new feature enables the 3D visualization of the space that is being designed, as well as the detection of curtain walls and the option to add and remove elements for space calculations.
5.- IFC materials and attributes:
The materials, objects and layers of objects that are designed in VisualARQ are now imported and exported with customized parameters. This format supports most of structure, MEP and architecture software applications, as well as most applications related to BIM. How does it work? Follow the link to learn how to export files and if you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.