Getting started with VisualARQ free workshop on October 27th

Mies Pabilion Rhino VisualARQ webinar

Getting Started with VisualARQ

Join our next online workshop of VisualARQ, which will be held on October 27th.

This 2-hour session intensive workshop will showcase the VisualARQ key features for modeling a project in 3D, generate the documentation out of it, and exchange models with other BIM programs through IFC files.

You will learn how to get started with VisualARQ while developing a 3D architectural project from scratch. You will use the VisualARQ BIM parametric objects and navigation tools to speed up the process of modeling in 3D. You will also learn how to generate the 2D drawings out of the 3D model and get the quantity take-offs.

This workshop is the prelude of a Rhino + VisualARQ live intensive course that will take place in November 2021. (More details here).