How to export a Rhino model to Archicad using IFC

Do you jump from software to software because you are restless by nature? We are sure that this gives you great satisfaction, but also major complications. We won’t try to convince you to settle down and be faithful to one specific program, but at least we are giving you a trick so that your playfulness won’t put you into trouble. On our YouTube channel, you will find a new video explaining how to export files from Rhino to Archicad using IFC files. Do you have a model containing walls, windows or other objects created with VisualARQ? And polysurfaces in Rhino? It’s very easy: each floor information can be exported to an IFC file, which you can then open from Archicad. VisualARQ objects will keep their properties. You can edit them or unlock the layers you wish. Check the following step-by-step video to see how this works in 3 minutes: Find us on FB Are you interested in custom videos? Visit our Facebook page and tell us what you would like to see.