I can’t see VisualARQ object styles libraries. Why? How can I load them?

When you are working on a document that doesn’t contain any VisualARQ object library, it means that the document was created from a template which was not a VisualARQ template, and the default library of VisualARQ object styles wasn’t loaded.

Start working with a document created from a VisualARQ template or import a .val file which contains the default object style library or any other customized object style library created before.

To import the default object style library, you first need to create the (.val) file and export it:

  • 1. Open a new project from a VisualARQ template.
  • 2. Save the current object styles library: (VisualARQ menu > Styles > Export…) Choose “New file” option, name it (select a folder in your computer from the Browse button), pick units, and click “Next”. Select all different objects to include in the exported styles file.
  • 3. Import the library file you just created from the document you were working: VisualARQ menu >Styles > Import. Select the (.val) file and all object style libraries will be added to your document.

Note: The .val files that contain the object styles library that come with VisualARQ templates can be found at the following folder (in English):

  • Rhino 6: C:\Program Files\AsuniCAD\VisualARQ 2\RHINO6\English\Libraries
  • Rhino 5: C:\Program Files\AsuniCAD\VisualARQ 2\RHINO5x64\English\Libraries