VisualARQ at the 10th RhinoDay Italy

  • 11 and 12 April, 2014
  • Università degli Studi di Padova (via Venezia 1)
For the third year in a row, VisualARQ will be at the Italian Rhino user meeting in Padova. The 10th Rhino User meeting is organized by the Università degli Studi di Padova – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale and sponsored by ZEN’s s.r.l. Francesc Salla (AsuniCAD) will show the new features of the incoming VisualARQ 1.8 version, and the new VisualARQ Grasshopper Components WIP 3. The presentation will take place on Saturday April 12th, at 15.45h. Apart from the live user presentations, Steve Baer, Giulio Piacentino and Giuseppe Massoni (McNeel) will show the latest news on RhinoPython, Grasshopper and Rhino, respectively. Registration and workshops are free, but places are limited. To register, please contact Eng. Vittorio Carlotto.


11 April – Workshop: Python and Grasshopper for Rhino 14.15 Introduction to Python: Vittorio Carlotto, G. Savio 16.00 Introduction to Grasshopper: Giuseppe Massoni 17.30 Grasshopper in Python and Python in Grasshopper: Giulio Piacentino, Steve Baer 12 April – User meeting 09.00 Registration 09.30 Meeting introduction: Bob McNeel 10.00 Future development of Python and RhinoCommon: Steve Baer 11.00 User Presentations* 13.00 Coffee break 14.00 Advanced methods with Grasshopper: Giulio Piacentino 15.00 User Presentations* 15.45 VisualARQ 1.8 and VisualARQ Grasshopper Components WIP3: Francesc Salla 17.00 Round table *Users who wish to show their work are invited to send a draft of their presentation to Eng. Vittorio Carlotto before April 5th. Each presentation must be maximum 15 minutes long.