VisualARQ Grasshopper Components exercises

The VisualARQ Grasshopper components tab content.

Before starting…

To start working with the VisualARQ Grasshopper components, type Grasshopper in the Rhino command line and Grasshopper will be launched.

VisualARQ Components can be found in the VisualARQ tab from the Grasshopper interface.

If the VisualARQ tab is not displayed, close Grasshopper and load VisualARQ in Rhino (just by typing any VisualARQ command (i.e. “vaWall“) or open a new document using a VisualARQ template.

  • HELP: check in this page the description of the different VisualARQ Grasshopper Components.

Create a wall in Grasshopper
1. Create a Wall
Create a door with Grasshopper
2. Create a Door
Create columns in Grasshopper
3. Create a grid of Columns
Create a stair with Grasshopper
4. Create a Stair
Exercise 5. Create Slabs
5. Create a Slab