February 2016

VisualARQ 2.0 sneak preview videos!

VisualARQ 2.0 sneak preview_ create a beam style from a Grasshopper definition 300 The new VisualARQ 2.0 version release date is getting closer. You can already see some of the new features through these sneak preview videos:


“Introduction to VisualARQ” – 2016 webinars

VisualARQ webinars 2016 During 2016, we will be offering different webinars that will give you an overview of VisualARQ main features and will let you learn the basics to start working with the program. Check the dates of our upcoming webinars here.


VisualARQ projects

Bathrom design with VisulARQ Design the bathroom of your own house:
In this small project you can see a different use for VisualARQ tools: the design of a bathroom upgrade by Mary Ann and Dale Fugier, the house owners themselves.


Tips & Tricks

How can I create sloped curtain walls Learn some of the VisualARQ features through the following Tips & Tricks:


Rhino in architecture

Rhino projects. Institute of Peace. VisualARQ Blog:
Get to know the United States Institute of Peace, by M. Safdie, and how Rhino helped develop this mighty project located in the nearby of the U.S Capitol Building in Washington, DC.